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Welcome! My name is Chiara Hoijer and I am the founder of Chiara Studios.

Chiara Studios is a small company that I started myself back in 2019, after stopping with my studies at the Eramus University,  however I have been a beauty service business owner since the age of 17. Beauty and service are my true passions in life.

We have been in business shortly  (we, because even though I work alone in the studio, my customers are in business with me) however, I have been in the beauty industry since the age of 14.

Chiara Studios is located in the beautiful Rotterdam City Center.

Eyebrows, eyelashes and make -up are small elements of beauty that could make a big difference in your appearance and in how you as a woman/ man feel about yourself.

Studies have shown that if you look good, you feel better and you perform better. 

My goal is to give you the opportunity to experience the best version of yourself through our services. Not to transform you into a different person. 

I am an artist at heart that pours my passion on a daily basis in the work that I do in the studio. I wish you a life-changing visit to the studio.

Chiara Studios has been nominated as a 2020 Top Rated Salon. in 2021 Chiara was a participant in the show Glow Up: The Next DutchMakeup Star. Chiara has been featured on the cover of Go Weekly Magazine, on The Shaderoom and various other t.v. programmes, and received awards such as Makeup Artist of the year Miss Curaçao teenager 2018, Winner Glam All Star Voyage makeup contest (2016) for her expertise and  contribution to the makeup and beauty industry.

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